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14 June 2011 @ 03:26 am
A date with Kim Ryeowook (Part 1)  

Author’s Notes: Requested by [info]veezhi  ,(this is for all the awesome Kyuwook fics you wrote for me.  




A date with Kim Ryeowook
Part 1


Sometimes, Kyuhyun would wake up screaming, hands reaching out in the air for something that is not there. Occasionally, Sungmin would be there running to him in panic, sometimes, its Mrs. Cho who would hold his hand and whisper words of comfort to her son plagued with nightmares almost every night. But always, Kyuhyun would scream one name, and his arms would reach out as if trying to take hold of that one person who can stop his nightmares.

That person will never be there.

In Kyuhyun’s dreams, Ryeowook is always screaming for help, and Kyuhyun would be there, like an action hero, running to save him. But every time Ryeowook is within his grasp, Kyuhyun wakes up, shivering and tightly holding a hand that is not Ryeowook’s. It will never be Ryeowook’s.

Kyuhyun would then question, with bitterness, the difference between reality and his nightmares.  Even in Kyuhyun’s dreams, he is always one step too late.



“Kyuhyunnie!” Ryeowook coos his nickname in a way that alerts Kyuhyun that Ryeowook is going to ask him an impossible favor. Again. He still can’t quite forgive the other man for making him cross dress and dance in front of the student body for some unknown stage play Ryeowook has managed to get himself involved with. Ryeowook has always been a doormat and god knows how many times Kyuhyun had to bail out the other man from messes he unknowingly gets into.


“What?” he asks sharply, not looking up from his laptop where he is currently busy with Starcraft.


“The science club has an event next month you see and—“




“Huh? You didn’t even let me finish. If we do this, they’re giving us tickets to a Wang Leehom concert—“


“I don’t give a damn about some Wan Li what’s his name so shut it.”


“Yah!” Ryeowook shouts and strides in front of Kyuhyun, forcing the other to look at him, “Don’t you want to be on a date with me anymore?” he asks, clearly affronted.


Kyuhyun sighs and closes his laptop, “Wook-ah, we are NOT dating.”



Kyuhyun was only twelve, and Ryeowook thirteen when Ryeowook declares to everyone who would listen to him that Kyuhyun is his. Kyuhyun didn’t know how or why Ryeowook came to that decision and would have proceeded to refute Ryeowook’s delusions but one look at Ryeowook’s wide, innocent eyes and Kyuhyun suddenly didn’t have the heart to disappoint him.

Kyuhyun will forget that day, will bury it among childhood memories labeled as useless and too petty to be bothered with. Kyuhyun remembers them now, just as how Ryeowook is viciously taken away from him, Kyuhyun had viciously grasped anything that is left of Ryeowook, no matter how useless it is, no matter how petty.

Kyuhyun wonders if Ryeowook had forgotten that day.



Ryeowook’s good mood is overflowing today and Kyuhyun can’t help but wonder what happened to make the other man so happy. Kyuhyun doesn’t miss the small smile playing in Ryeowook’s lips as he busies himself in the kitchen of their shared apartment, cooking up a storm and not saying anything the whole day, like he was keeping a secret. Eventually, Kyuhyun couldn’t take it anymore.


“What are you smiling about?”


Ryeowook’s eyes crinkle in the corners as his smile grows wider, “Don’t you remember?” Ryeowook then shyly presents Kyuhyun a small round cake, decorated with strawberries and chocolates, “It’s the tenth anniversary of our first meeting!” he says happily, “Let’s call Sungmin and the others, we’re going to celebrate tonight!”


Kyuhyun groans in frustration, “Ryeowook, we’re not dating.”



Kyuhyun knows that Ryeowook didn’t forget.

Ryeowook used to say that life is too short for Kyuhyun to just play Starcraft all day.

“You should try to live like me.” He’d say solemnly to Kyuhyun who only thought that Ryeowook is cute.

“You mean, you’d like me to live like a stalker?”

Ryeowook drew his glasses up and stared at Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun would bet he’s lost his contact lenses again. “I mean, living your life to the fullest.” he then paused when an afterthought strikes him, “Did you just call me a stalker?”

“Life is too short for you to waste your time chasing someone who doesn’t love you.” Kyuhyun retorted back instead.

Ryeowook turned red and was quiet, if Ryeowook was hurt, it didn’t show in his face. He seemed to ponder over it for a while though and then finally, “At least I’m not wasting my time on someone I don’t love.” He said.

It was one of the things that puzzled Kyuhyun most about Ryeowook. How steadfast he was in his love, how he didn’t let Kyuhyun’s outright rejection stop him from loving him just the same.

“Aren’t you tired?” Kyuhyun had asked him one time.

Ryeowook looked at him confused, “Tired of what?”

“Of this.” Kyuhyun looked away and tried to phrase his next words in a way that wouldn’t hurt Ryeowook, “Of wasting your time. I mean, being with me with and…”

Ryeowook had turned to a flustered Kyuhyun with a barely hidden grin, “Oh…” he cooed, “You care about me? How can I be wasting my time?”

“I’m not!”



“Well, I admit I’m not as tall as him, nor have long legs like him, but seriously? My nose definitely looks prettier than his.” Ryeowook tells Kyuhyun indignantly, arms crossed and barricading Kyuhyun’s entrance to the apartment.


Kyuhyun rolls his eyes and shoves Ryeowook inside, “I actually like his nose, for your information.”


Ryeowook pouts, “His Korean sucks.”


Kyuhyun arches his eyebrows at him, “How’d you know? You haven’t talked to him yet.”


Ryeowook shrugs, looking self-conscious all of a sudden, “I’m a better cook?”


“Hmm…” Kyuhyun pretends to ponder.


“Fine!” Ryeowook says after a beat. He then runs to his room and shouts “I’m never going to cook for you anymore!” before he slams the door shut.


Kyuhyun sighs tiredly and massages the bridge of his nose, feeling a headache coming, “Wookie, we’re not dating.” He says and because he feels he is obliged to remind him although Kyuhyun doubts Ryeowook would listen.


Kyuhyun was a calm person in general. As opposed to Ryeowook, he doesn’t let his emotions get to him, Ryeowook was the emotional one, Kyuhyun was the rational one.

“I guess that’s why we’re friends?” Kyuhyun muses quietly while picking up stray leaves that littered Ryeowook’s gravestone.

“I keep my eyes off you for a minute and you go off and die, how careless can you get?”

When Kyuhyun gets no answer, he thinks he might start crying just then.

“You’re unfair, you know… I just started loving you.”




Kyuhyun falls headfirst into the apartment.


“Ugh!” Ryeowook complains as he falls with Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun’s dead weight on a frail man like him was obviously too much for him. “Yah! The next time you drink yourself retarded, don’t count on me carrying your sorry ass back home, okay?”


Kyuhyun’s only answer is a grunt and Ryeowook swats him in the head.


“You fool. I told you I’m better than him.”


Ryeowook leads Kyuhyun to the couch when Kyuhyun momentarily comes to his senses, it was a difficult task and Ryeowook had practically thrown Kyuhyun into it. Ryeowook is resting beside Kyuhyun when Kyuhyun crawls over to the smaller man.


“You look really cute tonight.” Kyuhyun whispers and leans over Ryeowook who flushes and turns his head to the side.


“Get off, you stink.”




Kyuhyun leans in further, marveling at the blushing boy below him and at the fact that he’s not doing anything to stop Kyuhyun.


“I said get off!” Ryeowook is starting to shove the other man away when he finds Kyuhyun already straddling him. “What are you doing? Stop!”


“What am I doing? I just broke up with Zhoumi, I’m here with you aren’t I? Isn’t this something you should be celebrating?”


Kyuhyun doesn’t remember much after that, all he can recall was that when he tried to kiss Ryeowook, he was knocked out off the couch, and before Kyuhyun losses his consciousness, the last thing in Kyuhyun’s mind is one nagging feeling that he had hurt Ryeowook again.



Ryeowook’s body was found in an alley between an old apartment complex and a convenience store, just 10 blocks away from where he lived with Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun remembers running to the hospital, bumping and shoving people along the way. He remembers getting hugged fiercely by Zhoumi, trying to prevent Kyuhyun from moving to the stretcher in front of him.

“No, don’t Kyuhyun.” Zhoumi is crying. “Don’t look. Make your last memory of him be when he’s still alive.”

Kyuhyun only ventures further though, his eyes trained at the body covered in white sheet, just one more step and Kyuhyun could reach him. He couldn’t keep his eyes off at the brown hair peeking out from the side, matted with dried blood and a hand, his beautiful hand…

Kyuhyun tries to step forward but Zhoumi wouldn’t let him. “Kyuhyun…” Zhoumi pleads.

“Please…” Kyuhyun croaks out when he finds his voice, “I just want to hold his hand.”

He reaches out and the hand he held was cold, not the Ryeowook Kyuhyun knew who was always warm. Kyuhyun remembers buckling in front of the stretcher, briefly wondering where he could sell his soul just to touch Ryeowook’s warm hand again.

 Kyuhyun couldn’t quite tell Zhoumi that the last time he saw Ryeowook, he was looking at Kyuhyun with a pained expression in his eyes.




Kyuhyun wakes up with a sour taste in his mouth and a very nasty headache banging in his skull. The usual sounds in the kitchen and the smell of pancakes are nowhere to be found, so is Ryeowook.  He was sitting in the kitchen, a toothbrush dangling in his mouth when it all comes back to Kyuhyun.


Kyuhyun curses, his headache growing worse remembering what he tried to do last night. He tries to call Ryeowook but is interrupted by someone knocking at the door.


He opens it to find an annoyed looking Zhoumi in front of him.


“What are you doing here?” Kyuhyun asks harshly.


Zhoumi steps in uninvited and shoves something at Kyuhyun. “Drink this, it helps with the hangover.”


“What do you care?”


Zhoumi sighs, “I don’t. But your roommate does. Won’t leave me alone unless I agree to see you.” He then eyes Kyuhyun critically, “You look okay… god! He made it sound like you’re dying or something.”


Kyuhyun groans, typical of Ryeowook. “What did he tell you?”


“That you’re dying, I guess.”


Kyuhyun groans again, “I messed up. Where is he? Is he okay?”


“He’s at Sungmin’s. And if you mean okay, besides Sungmin shoving his tongue on his throat? I guess Ryeowook is fine.”


“What? He would actually make out with Sungmin while he wouldn’t even let me—“ Kyuhyun bites his tongue and stares sullenly at Zhoumi who is smirking knowingly at him.


Zhoumi laughs, “You should look at your face right now, you look like you want to murder someone. Relax! That was just a joke. So you finally figure it out huh?”


 Kyuhyun glares, “Ryeowook being slightly stalkerish when it comes to me is something I’ve figured out a long time ago.”


Zhoumi arches his eyebrows, “Oh really? Then I guess I should just give Sungmin’s roommate the go signal then. They’ve been looking cozy lately.”


“Who? The weird guy who likes turtles?” Kyuhyun huffs, “Like he’d go for someone like him.”


“Stupid. Stop being difficult and call him already if you are so worried. I’m not lying about Yesung having the hots for your Ryeowook okay?”

Part 2