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14 June 2011 @ 03:01 am
The number you have dialed cannot be reached  

Pre Heechu- meeting-Hangeng-in-China ^0^.  I think this has been done before but I couldn’t resist making this after watching Bonamana (with translations) and this episode of Explorers of the Human Body. Anyway, here it is… jumbled like Heechul’s thoughts (that’s why it’s not cross posted anywhere)



The number you have dialed cannot be reached


When are you coming back?


                Hyukjae feeds Heechul a spoonful of congee, gentle in his urgings although Heechul senses that Hyukjae won’t hesitate to shove the congee down his throat if he refuses. It irritates Heechul to no end, he is not helpless.

                 “I can eat it myself!” Heechul snaps and tries to snatch the spoon from the younger man.

                “Sure.” The neutral expression in Hyukjae’s face doesn’t waver as he feeds Heechul another spoonful of the tasteless food. Heechul wonders when Hyukjae stopped being intimidated by him.

                Hyukjae feeds him until the entire bowl is finished.


Is it too much to ask for an explanation? Don’t you care anymore?


                “You don’t know his heart,” Heechul finds himself repeating to Kyuhyun, unable to think of anything else to say around the mess of his jumbled thoughts. Heechul has heard those words before, at that time it held no meaning but every little thing is turned back, replayed, super imposed and analyzed in Heechul’s head the past few days, like pieces of a puzzle Heechul can’t fit together, sometimes Heechul wants to question if he even has the right pieces to fit.

                Kyuhyun bows his head, shoulders shaking, “I’m sorry, hyung,” his voice cracks and Kyuhyun apologizes over and over again until Heechul places a hand in Kyuhyun’s shoulders.

                “It’s okay…”

                Heechul didn’t know either.


They’re not angry. They miss you. You can come back now.


                Hyukjae is sobbing again. Siwon envelopes him in a hug, laughing. Beside them, Ryeowook is in Donghae’s arms, Donghae is smiling, whispers to Ryeowook, “It’s okay Wook, it’s just a joke.”

                Kangin, who was howling with laughter earlier, is chastised by the overwhelming distress they’ve caused. Overcome with emotions, Kangin promises that they won’t let this happen in the future.

                “And if it does, we must never part.”

                Heechul expresses doubt, complains about getting killed by Hyukjae’s fans once this gets out. There is a roar of laughter. But Heechul is smiling. Heechul was probably the one who believed it the most.


Do you remember what Kangin said? Because I remember, I didn’t forget.


                “Stupid. Stupid. Stupid…” Leeteuk says over and over, “How can you be so stupid?” Leeteuk had slammed Kangin to the wall, looking like he had every intention to ram his fists in Kangin’s face but Leeteuk’s grip slips, covers his face with his hands, “What’s going to happen now?”

                Kangin doesn’t say a word, looking like he would readily accept beatings instead than watch Leeteuk cry.

                When news of Kangin's accident breaks out the next morning and all the members of the group scramble to make sense of what's happening, Heechul begins to wonder if Kangin saying those words back then had ensured that it would happen.




                The news grips Heechul’s heart tightly, Heechul forgets to breathe. The entire room is swirling with what the manager has said over the phone, Heechul can’t fathom it just yet.


                A lawsuit.

                Heechul begins to think that it’s another joke. Surely, it can only be a joke. He desperately tries to find a secret camera but there is only Heechul in an empty room and Heechul with another cold empty bed.


Hey, do you remember the first time we met? No one can talk to you because your Korean sucks and I was only the one who understood you. I mean, I was the only one who pretended to understand you… at least at first…


                “Hyung…” Hyukjae whispers at the other side of the door. “You may not sing and dance well, but we need you…” a pause. “We need you with us.”

                Heechul grips his phone until his knuckles turn white and the casing of his phone starts to crack. Fresh tears stream down his face.


Please come back.


                Hyukjae is awakened by a light tapping in his shoulder. “Ryeowook?” he mumbles as he surveys the dimly lit room. Donghae is at the foot of the sofa, still asleep, the television is already turned off.

                When his vision comes back entirely, he finds Hangeng hovering above him. “Hyung?” he asks, “Why are you here? Are you lost?”

                Hangeng shrugs, “Just came here to check up on you. Hey listen, I’m leaving.” He says abruptly.

                Hyukjae groans, feeling like he’s being pranked again, “Okay, have a nice day at work.”

                “Take care of Heechul for me okay?”

                “Huh? Take care of him when you come back,” Hyukjae says to him, starting to turn to the other side, trying to get some more sleep.

                Hangeng chuckles, “All right, just don’t let him be a drama queen while I’m away.”

                There was something in Hangeng’s voice that alerted Hyukjae a  little and he turns to look at Hangeng again, “Why? Where are you going?”

                Hangeng smiles, and strokes Hyukjae’s hair, “Go back to sleep.”

                The combination of Hangeng’s touch and soothing voice lulls Hyukjae back into a troubled sleep, completely forgetting what he wanted to ask Hangeng. In his dreams though, he wonders why there is something wrong in Hangeng’s smile.


Are you happy there? You must be, being with your family, you mom and her home cooked meals. Have you watched our performances lately?


                Bright lights blind Heechul for a moment, he squints a little and thought he might have a panic attack. But he smiles instead, because he’s a professional, and damn it, he is Kim Heechul and nothing scares him. He catches a glimpse of Siwon, who is smiling at him, Heechul relaxes a little, and he remembers. He steps into the stage.


Someone tell my baby.

That I’m here.

That I’m waiting.


                Heechul waits.



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