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14 June 2011 @ 02:50 am
The Great Snail and Turtle Race (Part 5.b)  

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The Great Snail and Turtle Race



 The first thing in Ryeowook's mind is an inappropriate "Oh shit!" ringing in his head. The next thing he does is to move away from Yesung as fast as possible which causes him to stumble backwards and land painfully on the floor.

Sungmin smiles nervously, eyes darting back and forth to Yesung and Ryeowook, "Is this some sort of revenge for last time?" he asks them, voice unsure, "Or did I just walk in on you?"

Ryeowook feels his face burn and wishes the floor to open up and swallow him whole.

Kyuhyun then appears by the doorway, looking surprised to find Sungmin inside and much more surprised to find Ryeowook on the floor. He immediately shuts the door close, "Walk in on what?" Kyuhyun asks.

"Um..." Ryeowook starts, shooting frantic looks at Yesung, but Yesung isn't looking.

"I think you'd know what it was more than anyone else," Yesung says to Sungmin, ignoring Kyuhyun's question. "I'm not the one who gets locked in closets with other guys."

Sungmin flushes red, whether it’s from embarrassment or from anger, Ryeowook didn’t know. "And it's my fault? I didn't see you not hating fanservice with Ryeowook either!" Sungmin answers through clenched teeth.

"You're the one who broke up with me remember?"

Ryeowook shoots a look at Kyuhyun this time, trying to ask him what they’re supposed to do with a lover’s quarrel happening in front of them but Kyuhyun is too fascinated by the fight to notice him.

"Oh please!" Sungmin scoffs, "you probably couldn't wait to get your hands on Ryeowook!" Sungmin spats at Yesung.

Yesung clenches his hands, "How many times have you thrown yourself at Kyuhyun again knowing he likes someone else?"

"So how's flirting with someone who likes you then?"

Ryewook sputters and can't believe those two are throwing his and Kyuhyun's name into the argument like they weren't in the room.

"I don't know, how's punching the face of someone who likes you going for you?" Yesung answers back without hesitation.

Sungmin glares at Yesung, "I couldn't eat or sleep for days if that's what you want to know." he says and inspite of the glare, his voice has become soft.

Ryeowook sees Yesung step a little closer to Sungmin, "I thought manager-hyung is going to bite my head off when he saw this," Yesung points at a barely noticeable blackening in his face, covered by lots of foundation.

Sungmin averts his gaze, looking a little guilty "I'm sorry for hitting you but you deserved it."

Yesung breathes a sigh of relief, "I know, I'm sorry."

When it looked like Sungmin is going to cry, Ryeowook decides that he doesn't want to see what's going to happen next, he picks himself from the floor and tries to catch the attention of Kyuhyun whose face is now a mixture of fascination and disgust.

Kyuhyun is still very much glued to Sungmin and Yesung though and Ryeowook decides to hit Kyuhyun in the head, "Let's go..." Ryeowook says fidgeting, immediately regretting the act when Kyuhyun glares at him.

"Have you been hanging out with Kangin?" he asks then whirls his head back to Yesung and Sungmin who had somehow gotten closer and is now wiping each others tears, "Ugh! They're going to get sappy now, yuck!" Kyuhyun grabs Ryeowook's hand and opens the door.

As soon as Kyuhyun opens the door, both Ryeowook and Kyuhyun jump when multiple bodies that suspiciously look like the rest of Super Junior fall on top of each other and lands in a neat pile on the floor.

There is a chorus of pained groans after.

"Get off me! Oh my god!" Eunhyuk get your foot off my face!" Shindong roars from somewhere in the pile and Ryeowook is willing to bet that he's the one who ended up at the bottom.

The one's on the top of the pile however, forgets to move when they see the couple in the middle of the room, clinging to each other and crying, not really caring who saw them.

"Eh? Nobody told me about the change of plans!" Donghae announces indignantly from the top pile.

Afterwards, when Shindong is finally able to breathe again, and the excited members crowd around Yesung and Sungmin, some mercilessly teasing them while Leeteuk fires them one question after another, Ryeowook moves away from the happy crowd to observe the change in Yesung. Ryeowook tries to remember the last time he's seen Yesung this happy. Ryeowook finds it in a memory from some distant years ago, when everything was strange to Ryeowook and they were still Super Junior 05, Yesung was stupidly grinning at him, "Didn't I tell you to trust me when I say they'll going to like you eventually?" he had said, pride in his eyes.

In that memory, Ryeowook had nodded and smiled in response, thinking that as long as Yesung was by his side, he wouldn't really care even if the whole world hated him.

"Hey." Someone tugs at Ryeowook from behind, jerking him out of his thoughts, Ryeowook then turns to find Kyuhyun studying him carefully, "Are you okay?"

Before Ryeowook could answer, both of them are suddenly wrapped in a tight bear hug by Kangin, who had thrown each arm around Ryeowook and Kyuhyun's shoulders, "So this is what the fuss is all about!" Kangin booms. "Who would have thought Sungmin would actually like him? Yesung, that sneak, Xiah Junsu is going to be pissed.!" He exclaims almost too happily.

Kyuhyun struggles to get away from Kangin but Kangin only pulls him closer, "Good job guys, I'm proud of you both. I feel like I can leave you now, knowing you'd be okay." he says to them good naturedly but there is a hint of solemnity in his tone that catches Ryeowook’s attention quickly.

"And while you're at it, please bring Leeteuk along with you, I'm tired of his 24 hour surveillance." Kyuhyun snaps while still trying and failing to get away from Kangin's death grip.

Ryeowook however, twists his body around to give Kangin a hug, "Don't be silly hyung, you'll be with us until you get tired of Super Junior."

Kangin then releases them to roughly ruffle their heads, much to Kyuhyun's anger. Kangin then turns to Ryeowook to smile at him, almost fondly, "I guess you're going to be okay."

Ryeowook is about to ask what Kangin meant when a female PD suddenly strides in the crowded dressing room, "Why are you all here?" she asks,"You still have to bow to---" she stops when she sees the Yesung and Sungmin pair, she peers at them thoughtfully.

"This is a good idea." she then turns to look at Ryeowook and Kyuhyun who were quietly standing next to each other.

"This could also be a good idea." she ponders, her eyes practically shining with happiness.

Kangin groans and face palms, "You’ve been reading fanfiction again weren’t you?"


The concert is ending, and the members stand in line facing the stage, preparing to bow. In the background of fangirls screaming and the glare of the stage lights, Kyuhyun leans over to Ryeowook and whispers something that Ryeowook misses hearing completely. Ryeowook turns to look at Kyuhyun, who is smiling brightly, beautiful and sincere and Ryeowook tries to respond but fails. Breath caught in his throat, Ryeowook merely continues to gaze at Kyuhyun until Kyuhyun wraps an arm around the smaller man’s waist and pulls Ryeowook towards him.

Ryeowook doesn’t resist and momentarily basks in the glare of the stage lights, the fans screaming and Kyuhyun’s warmth. Ryeowook then realizes, that in spite of the games we play and the lies in the words we say, all of this won’t matter in the end. Because Kyuhyun’s smile is bright, dazzling him like the stage lights, and Ryeowook didn’t need any more words to know that everything is going to be all right.


On the way home after the concert, manager-hyung gets a call from an irate Heechul, “I’m sick,” he says, his tone clip and testy, “cancel everything for the next two days; I’m going to take a bed rest. Bye.”

“Wait! Wait!” manager-hyung exclaims, “Two days? Can’t we just go the hospital and IV drip you or something?”

“No! I’m resting in the dorm for two days, damn it!” and the next thing manager-hyung hears is a dial tone.


“That’s a lie.” Hangeng tells Heechul after Heechul hangs up on manager-hyung and leans in the plush seating of the van, a peaceful smile in his face.

“You knew about Sungmin and Yesung didn’t you? Why didn’t you tell me?” Heechul accuses instead.

Hangeng shrugs, “You meddle.”

Heecul scoffs and crosses his arms, “I do not, I merely give a helping hand.” He says matter of factly, which is the truth anyway.

Hangeng laughs and rests his head on the headrest, as if Hangeng was already expecting that answer “That’s the same,” was his short reply.

Heechul scoffs again and shifts to look at the backseat to observe Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, the only other occupants of the van besides Heechul and Hangeng. The rest of Super Junior had piled in the other van that Yesung and Sungmin took and both are probably being thoroughly interrogated by now. He narrows his eyes at the maknaes who are currently absorbed in a DS Lite game, occasionally giggling as they try to pry the game console away from the other. It looks almost normal except when every time they look at each other in the eye, awkwardness follow and they laugh nervously.

“What about them?” Heechul nudges at Hangeng without taking his eyes off the two.

“Don’t meddle.” Hangeng says and pulls Heechul back.

Heechul is about to protest when he sees his phone light up, he opens it to find that Leeteuk has called him twelve times and has sent him a bunch of messages, all asking if Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are with them.

A smile crosses Heechul’s face as he starts punching a particularly raunchy scene involving two men and the backseat of a van.

Hangeng only takes one look at Heechul’s face to know that he’s up to something no good, “Be nice.” He warns, “What are you doing?”

Heechul’s laugh is almost evil when he presses send, “I’m totally not going to miss this.”




Notes: I know I've been labeling this as angst but random stuff just started popping up and didn't stop poppng up since then. To all those who read this for the angst, sorry, I really wanted to try my hand at angst this time but well... I  totally failed.
EDITS: Also, I forgot to mention this but if you see similarities between this fic and this fancam, you're not imagining it, this is actually the video where this fic started.